Livery & facilities


-Track of 30m x 60m, 20m.x 40m and a riding arena of 20m in diameter, together with a new natural ground track for jumping and cross All activities can be done both day and night, as our facilities have of night lighting.

- We have lockers for saddels, cleaning utensils and equipment to work with the horse.

- We have individual lockers leaving the entire compartment always locked.

-All our complex, as well as the tack room has a video surveillance system and a small lounge to rest our customers as well as shower and toilet

- Showers for all horses outdoors and indoors.

-For clients we have a small lounge with refreshments and coffee machine.

-Customer parking available next to the Horse Riding.


We have paddocks of about 200 m2 with shelter, automatic drinkers and feeders.

The horses are in full freedom, entering and leaving the sheds, with fodder (Hay) available all day.

make sure that the horses are healthy, and most importantly, that their owners see them happy.

supervision and surveillance of horses is guaranteed 24 hours a day.

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