Discover and enjoy the uniqueness of the "Gavarres". La masiva Les Gavarres, with more than 70,000 hectares, is a forested area with cork oaks, oaks, pines, eucalyptus trees and dense undergrowth of bushes and shrubs. You will find many wild flowers and herbs such as wild roses and strawberry bushes, lavender and rosemary, and much more. On our longer rides, we visit several places such as the Parish of Santa Coloma de Fitor, the Hermitage of Santa Llúcia de l'Arboç. You can see menhirs and cult stones, "masia" country houses and fountains. The area is ideal for horse riding and enjoying a relaxing holiday in Catalonia.

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20 or 40 minutes through the vineyards between olive and fruit trees in the foot area of the Gavarres.

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We have classes for different levels, ranging from beginners to the more experienced rider.

Classes are taught within a restricted area, firstly on a lunge line, until it is judged that the novice rider has achieved sufficient competency to graduate to the next level, either individually, or collectively.

Classes are available either individually or as part of a group. Classes can be tailored for the leisure rider, those with an interest in improving their jumping skills and riders wishing to develop or improve their dressage abilities.

Levels range from an initial level and/or after-school activity, to classes designed for participating in jumping or dressage competitions.

We can also prepare for the "Gallopes" exams of the Equestrian Federation, or simply do classes or rides with the sole purpose of spending a good time with the horse.

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A spectacle sport for children and teenagers

Mounted Pony Games are an equestrian discipline, consisting of a series of games that prepare the rider to develop further equestrian disciplines.

A sport where jockeys and ponies compete in skill and speed.

• Each team plays in an area 10 metres wide and the length of the field.

• The discipline is based on a precise regulation to ensure the safety of riders and horses.

• Riders learn to balance themselves with the pony in order to carry material from one place to another.

Come enjoy a moment with our ponies in the Pony Games.

- Ideal for children from 3 years old, the youngest are accompanied by a guide.

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Holiday camps

(Summer and Easter)

These holidays, Unicorn Equestrian Centre awaits you.

We can offer you a summer camp of authentic adventure, super fun, where you will come to know the world of horses.

You will run through the forests and along the trails of Les Gavarres.

You will have a great time, make lots of friends and experience great adventures and unforgettable moments!

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We invite you to come and celebrate your anniversary or special event at the equestrian center.

a fun filled day with us, ride horses or ponies and enjoy a spectacular day with all of your friends.

activity can be of one or two hours duration. Ponies can be ridden or ridein a carriage pulled by a pony.

remaining time / day is your choice - pica pica, snack, cake, gifts, play or whatever you want.

activities are considerate of children’s age and ability.

is also possible to rent only the barbecue space and enjoy the day with family and friends.

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All reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Only the payment of classes that have been notified 24 hours in advance will be canceled.